On the occasion of our anniversary, we have been celebrating 30 Years of Windsurfing with you and can give some insight into the success story of the Gunsails family business. 3 decades with continuous development of our products, world titles, speed records and the everlasting passion for windsurfing.

But it all comes back to that one idea: Windsurfing products in a direct selling structure. Back in 1987, the concept seemed risky and innovative at the same time. As it turned out it was the logical predecessor of today’s online shopping, from the brand directly to the customer. We conclusively became the reliable and friendly partner for all windsurfing matters. The direct selling structure allows us to offer our products in an exceptional quality but with a reasonable price. As we are also passionate windsurfers, it is our aim to make windsurfing as easy, uncomplicated and affordable as possible.

GUNSAILS | Reloaded 2018


However, after 30 exiting years it is time to once again take a step towards the future. In 2018 Gunsails presents its new Logo and Corporate design. However we will stay true to our roots in every way. For example our logo is based on all elements of our previous graphic identity.



Following the idea of the logo we will also continue to trust in the established GUNSAILS concept. While doing so we focus on innovative products with an outstanding quality in combination with exceptional service. Through the direct selling structure and the unique proximity to our customer we can offer our customers’ expectations like no one else. We take great care about friendly and competent advice as well as quick and efficient fulfilment of all matters. Additionally we can structure the feedback we receive from our customer and use our findings to further improve all of our products.

Also in the centre of our brand relaunch is our product development. On a foundation of 30 years of windsurfing know-how we are aiming to expand our potential for innovation. We also intend to preserve the widely appreciated family character of our enterprise. Regardless of a continuously growing base of happy customers and an increasing importance of our brand we still see ourselves as the GUNSAILS Family. We value long term business relations, fairness, reliability and friendly communication with all our contacts. Next to teamriders, employees and partners we welcome more and more enthusiastic customers to become a part of the GUNSAILS family.

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Welcome to the GUNSAILS family!