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Windsurf Foil for ambitious beginners and intermediates

The ultimate Freeride Foil in the HY-FOIL Range will amaze beginners and experienced foilers alike. Thanks to the work of some of the most experienced aircraft engineers in Europe the foil inherits a unique efficiency and allows it to take off with the lightest breeze. All based on a modular system that will be able to grow with your needs and abilities.

> Aerospace grade anodized aluminium mast and fuselage
High modulus carbon wings
> Long aspect ratio freeride wing for stability and higher speeds
> Designed and simulated by aircraft engineers for unique foil efficiency
> Modular platform WF1
> Padded alu deep tuttle box connector

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With its high aspect ratio frontwing and a rather slim profile it combines low wind performance with outstanding acceleration, effortless flights and reliable control.

The HY-FOIL FREE 1050 is built in our aluminium/carbon hybrid construction leading to the perfect compromise between stability, lightness and price.

The high modulus carbon frontwing with downward facing wingtips provide additional stability while ensuring more safety for the rider.The bionic design approach is derived from the wings of the Albatross and is one of the key factors of the unique control and comfort in the flight. A 95cm long fuselage, built from Aerospace grade aluminium is the sweet spot between stability and agility. Precisely synchronized modular mounting slots within the fuselage are securing the front- and back wing in the perfect angle of attack. The carbon backwing, with its subtle wingtips, stabilizes the flight and regulates the lift in higher speeds.

Thanks to years of simulation experience from the aircraft industry, the HY-FOIL FREE 1050 reaches the optimum of lift efficiency and speed, while reducing drag and avoiding turbulence. This precisely calculated and fine tuned foil will be the perfect choice for every foiling ability and will lift your foiling comfortably to the next level. Say-HY!



Connector Deep Tuttle
Mast 85 cm  
Fuselage 95 cm  
Carbon Wings Area (cm²) Span (mm)
Front Wing 1050 900
Back Wing 316 480
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Windsurf Foil