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The foil-ready Freerace machine

Performance and speed at all levels. With a very flat rocker line and precisely tuned Concaves this board catapults on intoxicating top speed. The parallel and defined rail section in the middle area keeps the board always controlled and smooth. Thanks to the pronounced rounding in the tail, the Freerace planes effortlessly through windholes and can be steered playfully through the jibe. The Tuttle Box is Foil Ready and with the round nose of the board, it is an insider tip for "frequent flyers". The ideal companion for flat water and lakes.

> Early Planing: 9
> Bumpy waves: 7
> Maintaining high speeds: 10
> Slalom: 10

Delivery incl. Footstraps. Fins are NOT included.



The Construction of the Sunova Windsurf Collection is derived from decades of Surfboard and SUP Building experience. The below video demonstrates the Technology of the Windsurfboards within a normal surfboard. From the Mini I-Beams to the PVC reinforced finboxes, the construction is 100% the same.

The balsa wood construction redefines Windsurfboards as we know them to date and creates an incomparable soft and cushioned ride. A smooth planning sensation like never experienced before.

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Volumen Länge Breite Dicke Gewicht Fin Setup Shape Empf. Segelgrößen Preis
115 L 238 cm 70 cm 11,1 cm 7,22 Kg 42 Tuttle Box Vee 4.7 - 6.2 2.149,- €
125 L 229 cm 79 cm 11,1 cm 8,29 Kg 44 Tuttle Box Vee 5.0 - 7.9 2.149,- €
135 L 227 cm 83 cm 11,2 cm 8,24 Kg 48 Tuttle Box Vee 5.7 - 9.6 2.149,- €


Sunova Windsurf Board



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