This high class suit from Gunsails is made of 100% ultra soft jersey neoprene (no smooth skin), has a front zipper, 5 mm thickness in the torso and leg area and 4 mm at the arms. All outside seams are sealed with an elastic connecting material, which promises an absolute density. Inside, a warm, fluffy material covers the torso up to the thighs and back to keep the skin dry. In addition, there are shock pads on the shins, a really great feature at this price.
For a front zip suit you can easily get in, arms and legs are wide enough. This suit offers a generally large stretch, which adapts to different figures and gliding sports, it has a lot of comfort when surfing and very little water ingress, it only pulls a little more on the wrist than others. Thanks to the thick inner coating, it has everything you need to keep warm in the cold, even without the windproof smooth skin neoprene. It has all the qualities for versatile use, a lot of stretch and above all freedom of movement in the back area compared to a Backzip suit.
GUNSAILS really satisfies with the new Force series of winter suits, with a remarkable price-performance ratio.