WIND TEST 06-07 2018 / STREAM 6.0

GUNSAILS | Test report Stream 2018 Wind magazine

Simple and powerful

DESIGN: The Stream has a cut off in the leech at the height of the boom, which shortens the boom length by approx. 10 cm. The body is made of thick monofilm, the top of 3 mil square-ply. The slim mast pocket leads into a mast foot protector that goes down very far.

ON THE WATER: The Stream runs on both thin and thick masts (RDM and SDM) and has one unbeatable advantage: the easy trim of the sail. All GUNSAILS sails are equipped with a mark that helps you to find the right tension, you just have to follow the instructions and the sail is always optimally adjusted. As soon as it is trimmed, it shows a nice profile tension, which also makes the weight on the scale forget and makes the rig pleasant and easy to handle. The planing is progressive. The Gun pulls off with moderate pressure in hands in the direction of drive. This means you can rely on a constant flow, a good help in finding your way around, even in gusts or wind holes: the Stream manages the energy flow for you. The beginner does not feel overwhelmed by exuberant power development and the freerider will appreciate his ability to achieve a high speed imperceptibly. With the boom short through the cut in the leech the sail gains in handling and still keeps enough effective area in the upper sail area. This is an advantage when jibing, the rear hand is not strained with too much tension, so that the manoeuvre can be executed without external disturbances.

CONCLUSION: With an increasingly clean workmanship, GUNSAILS presents here a wonderfully sophisticated product for the freerider and occasional surfer. With the Stream you don't need any specialist accessories or the physique of a world champion. "User Friendly" in the truest sense of the word we like the gun because of its softness and its simplicity when setting up and driving and still has some speed in reserve.

PLUS: trim marks, easy driving, performance, price
MINUS: nothing



DESIGN: The sail has 6 battens, we tested it with an SDM, it has monofilm in the profile area and is reinforced with x-ply in the leech and top. The profile behind the mast is pronounced and it has a trim mark for the loose leech.

ON THE WATER: The Stream releases a strong propulsion, its profile has much dynamics for a fast acceleration. It is a bit more sporty, a bit more dynamic in handling than its competitors, it has more battens and is stiffer. For less experienced surfers it is a little bit more difficult to use, the rotation with the SDM mast is a bit harder in a tack or jibe, we recommend to use it with an RDM mast to get a bit more softness and handling. Once it is planing, it planes very strongly and plays in the front field in match races, where it can also keep up with camber sails in terms of speed. It is stable and dynamic in acceleration, with a well-functioning twist that makes it easy to keep the sail closed at all times. In addition, there is a very wide range of use that allows you to have fun, even if you are already overpowered. Really amazing, even our race sailors, who are used to race sails, had fun with the stream. The rotation in the jibe on the SDM is hard, the whole thing is a little bit more strenuous than the average of the group. But also a bit more performing. Nevertheless, the whole thing remains lighter, less strenuous and easier/manageable than its sister Rapid and than the majority of camber or 7 batten sails.

CONCLUSION: The stream is simple, sporty and very well balanced to enjoy pure sailing without effort. Without being as light and accessible as some of the group, the RDM mast (smaller diameter) gives you the opportunity to get a little more softness and handling out of the sail.

+: Range, general stability, high performance that can be easily accessed, control, acceleration
-: With the standard diameter mast the rotation is rather hard