GUNSAILS | Sunray Testbericht Freerace Segel Windsurfing Jahrbuch 2019

ON THE BEACH: The Sunray is the uncomplicated camber sail from Gun Sails and is aimed at recreational windsurfers who want to go full speed on large freeride boards. The leech is strikingly wide above the two clew eyelets. Together with the long boom this results in a very long sailing string, which has advantages especially in light winds. The lower leech is well protected from damage by X-Ply. The mast pocket is made of canvas and is slightly narrower than the Cosmic from GA. The second and third battens are fitted with two relatively large cambers from below. Instead of sewing in zippers over the cambers, Renato Morlotti simply left the mast pocket open at the back in the appropriate places. So the construction is easy here too. Only at the luff extender you should give the sail plenty of loose leech. Then the Sunray forms a deep belly that flattens out far behind the harness lines.

ON THE WATER: The Sunray lies pleasantly stable in the hand during dumpling, but doesn't look particularly small and also reacts less directly to impulses from the driver's side. As soon as the first gust of wind pushes a little harder into the sail, you can discreetly feel how the profile works and develops propulsion. This dampened but completely uniform way of developing power reliably pushes heavy boards off without the rider having to do anything. With a softer characteristic, the sail can be easily and effectively inflated and is quite forgiving, and it always offers enough feedback on the rear hand for the right angle of attack. So you can glide really early with the Sunray and even in wind holes the deep profile keeps the board gliding for a long time and is difficult to cover. It almost looks like a large, soft wing that glides through gusts and wind holes playfully without pushing the rider too far to the limits. "The Sunray always feels the same in the range of twelve to 20 knots! This sentence from the test team is very accurate, whether this character is to be evaluated positive or negative, remains your task. Unfortunately, this classic freeride feeling is combined with less agile handling and a feeling that is always a bit cumbersome. But you don't have to be afraid of the camber, it's very smooth.

CONCLUSION: The Sunray is a sail that does a lot of work in changing winds and does not require any technical refinements from the rider. Only while jibing you should grap firmly.


GUNSAILS | Testbericht Sunray Freerace Windsurf Segel Planchemag 2019

Efficient in light and medium winds

This sail with a slim mast pocket has a clear profile that goes up and a loose leech that extends far into the profile. With slightly more square meters than the average it has the longest boom.

ON THE WATER: It's no easier to rig than this, especially the fixing of the Cambers. In hands the Sunray feels a little heavier at first contact. It is characterized by its general balance in the planing phase, it pulls strongly forward and thus supports the pilot to the maximum: this is very pleasant and above all effective. This lightness and balance can be felt throughout the ride, with the profile working well and letting out the excess wind thanks to the Loose Leech. It produces good, always very consistent pull in hands with just the right amount of softness that makes the whole thing comfortable. With the upper eyelet it is very efficient in light and medium winds, then you always have some reserve, a permanent pull to cross lulls and stay hooked in the harness. On long distances it's a bit more tiring than its competitors, it also has the largest area and the longest boom. You shouldn't hesitate to pull the clew tension a little and switch to the lower eyelet to reduce the pull in hands to plane again with more ease, with more performance and an increased range of use. In the jibe, the camber rotation is exemplary without being the lightest for lightweights.

CONCLUSION: Simple and easy to use, the Sunray is a smooth and flexible motor that delivers a great performance to get the widest and heaviest boards to plane quickly. It is balanced and multiplies your planing time with only 7.5 sqm.

+: Power, range, general balance, easy to set up, good performance.
-: A bit more challenging for lightweights (larger surface and the longest boom in the group)


GUNSAILS | Test report Sunray Freerace Windsurf Sail Wind Mag 2019


DESIGN: The Sunray is lightweight, supported by 2 cambers and has a narrow mast sleeve. For 2019 there are only few changes, the Square-Ply material in the upper area has been replaced by monofilm, which makes the sail twist in the top slightly more reactive. The large sizes have been readjusted, from 9.6 to 9.5 and from 8.6 to 8.5.

ON THE WATER: In this group of sails with camber supported profile the Sunray is the easiest to rig. The cambers can be attached with 2 fingers, it is so simple that not even an opening on the mast sleeve is provided. The luff trim also requires no effort and the trim mark, which is always correctly placed, is easily reached, a great advantage for those who are new into camber sails. For a sail with such a pronounced profile, the first beach start reveals a rather light rig. The Sunray is also very user-friendly, thanks to the well thought-out mast sleeve width. When starting to plane, the GUNSAILS with the 2 cambers is smooth, it needs more wind than the powerful big machines. This feature gives you enough time to get into the footstraps and prepare for planing without being surprised. The acceleration afterwards is smooth as butter. The speed is correct, but never excessive. When the wind increases, you have the option of making the engine a little smoother by using the second eyelet, which is placed inwards. This cut at the level of the clew shortens the boom, making the jibe even easier to handle.

CONCLUSION: The Sunray is ideal for getting started in windsurfing with a camber sail, but it's not limited to that: the GUNSAILS is also comfortable to be powered by a simple motor in low winds, light in setup and adjustment and gentle in handling. Not bulky, never scary, the Sunray perfectly meets the freerider's specifications. Its price too.

+: Handling, lightness, rigging, trim mark, price
-: Lower wind range, not as fast as the sporty models