DESIGN: GUNSAILS sails: Not necessarily radical, but reliable. Not necessarily as light as a feather, but stable. No other brand managed to dispel prejudices as impressively as GUNSAILS last year. For this reason, and also due to the echoing reputation of the Yeah around the globe, unnecessary changes were saved. The test team was really looking forward to carrying the light GUNSAILS sail bag back to the water: The Yeah is high cut and shows, except for minimal looseness in the leech, not the smallest wrinkle. It is light built, no question, but still does not do without the pleasant mast protector. Except for the window, the entire sail is made of thin, close-meshed x-ply. The battens are candle-straight in the sail and the wind range can be ideally extended via the clew tension. But the Yeah also works with very little tension at the clew. To push the already light rig to its performance limit, we have equipped it this year with a 100 percent mast.

ON THE WATER: The Yeah is not a real powerhouse. Sensitively it wants to be guided to the right angle of attack. If you give too much clew tension on land, you are given a rather moderate early planing on the water and are forced to pump more actively. With more profile the Yeah doesn't become a power pack, but it can shine even in less wind. But the ultimate highlights are scattered by the new GUNSAILS in well-powered conditions. There it still looks soft and smooth, but it makes the board extremely free by its profile reaching up to the top, in order to let itself then dive through with really complete neutrality. Once sailing back stance, the Yeah can be steered even further and thrown into Culos and Funnels at the exact angle. Also who tinkers at Spocks and Flakas, improves faster with Yeah and experiences less frustration. Only for beginners there are better sails, which are also better in early planing.

CONCLUSION: GUNSAILS kept everything as it was with the Yeah, and that's the right decision. It was able to establish itself on the freestyle market within a very short time and sets the bar especially in modern freestyle in strong wind conditions. With the Yeah, GUNSAILS has a sail in its program that makes every freestyler better. Whether with the Eslider or Air-Bob into Culo, for this price there is no better sail. Just great!