The 35th anniversary of the Fuerteventura PWA Grand Slam couldn’t have gone much better as Sotavento -the home of the wind- provided 10 days of action packed competition and world class windsurfing. Here's a quick report from GUNSAILS teamrider Steven van Broeckhoven:

After 3 years not having the event here in Fuerte it feel nice to be back! Its one of my favourite event and spot to sail, strong wind and challenging conditions!
I been one week before the event to be prepared as much possible! I was feeling good and ready better then expect!
First day of the competition we got super strong wind, think strongest I ever had in Fuerte during competition and also with extremely high tide really changed conditions in super difficult spot.
First heat was against one of the youngest upcoming freestylers from Japan Takumi, I didn’t had my best heat but not to bad for the conditions we had, I pass to 2nd round where I meet Nicolas Nebulung, during the heat I landed airfunnel into Burner to close to the beach and broke my fin I had to change to my spare gear on the beach wich was smaller board 87L with smaller sail 3.6, afterwards should have kept my 4.0, because 3.6 was too small for the inside, It was still close but Nebuling had pretty good heat so I lost.

Double elimination starded on day 3, Only had to sail one heat that day conditions where nice for 4.4, my first heatin double was against one of the best jumpers in waves Gil Gherardi, I had solid save heat to get to next round.

Day 4 we continue
Next up was against Sugi Takuma, conditions where lighter for fuerte standard so i was on 4.8
I sailed a good heat and passed to the next against Sam Esteve, I knew I need to step up the game to climb higher in the ranking, wind picked up and I took 4.4. The wind was really trick, gust got strong but still big wind holes over the cours, I didn’t sail very well but I tried to make best out of it, but was close but just good enough to win.
Then for my last heat was against Lenaert Neubauer, we both where on 4.4 but at the start of the heat the wind went down, both of us changed too 4.8 wich took us 1:30 min , After few mistakes on the way out I was running out of time, I landed my 3rd move a Barracuda on way out right after the buzzer and didn’t count. Leneart had a solid heat and me missing a move I couldn’t pass . So I finished 7th here In Fuerteventura which is not bad, it could be better but didn’t had much luck! But I enjoyed and hopefully next year again!

See you on the water,