We are more than happy to announce that the young and talented windsurf girl Coraline -Coco- Foveau joined the Gunsails Team. Before she headed up to the IWT/PWA wave event on Maui, we met Coco for a chat.

Hi Coco! Let’s start with the basics, can you give us a short introduction of yourself?
I am a 24 years old French girl born in Guadeloupe, a French Caribbean island, but now living in Brittany. I am full of positivity and projects in life. The most important one, which is giving my life rhythm, I am a passionate wave rider on the world tour since 2018 and for many other years I hope. Then, I am studying by distance management and I am part-time working for a private jet company based in Guadeloupe.

What’s your windsurfing story, where did it start, how did it develop?
I was always connected to the sea. During my childhood, I spent a lot of time at the beach, surfing or scuba diving. Then we moved to the North of France and it is maybe surprising but that's when my windsurfing story started. I was 13 years old and was doing a random windsurfing camp with my family. The weather was so bad that I was seasick at the first lesson but somehow I liked the few moments doing my firsts step on it. I wanted to get better, so we found a club to train weekly, the Club Nautique de Wimereux. I have been initiated BIC 293 competitions then slalom competitions. But one day, my brother and I were having fun trying to go over the waves with a big freeride board so our trainer lend us one of his old wave boards and from this point, wave riding became my passion.
Slowly I made choices to develop my windsurfing life. And here I am, based with my family in Brittany, another really nice place to practice and spending my winters in Guadeloupe where I found a part time job which allows me to spend time on the water.

Coraline Foveau
Coraline Foveau

What's your main drive/motivation to keep going windsurfing day in day out?
I quickly understood that windsurfing is part of my balance. It allows me to express myself better than I could do in any other way and it is my way to escape during hard times. Indeed, let’s say that my main drive to keep going windsurfing is that it is my solution to feel good.
But I am also learning with experience that listening to my body is the best way to avoid injury and being able to keep going windsurfing.

What were some key turning points in your windsurfing career?
That’s funny because the key turning points in my windsurfing career were almost all linked with general life choices. The day I started distance studies, the day I found a job accepting my windsurf inquiries, it allowed me to dedicate more and more of my life to windsurfing. Plus, I like to think that this new partnership will also be a key turning point.

Who were/are your role models in the windsurfing world? Whom do you look up to?
I really like the Sarah Hauser story. She found her own way to live from her passion, it is really inspiring for me.

Tell us a bit about your best results in the competition.
I finished 3rd during the FIJI PRO SURF 2023. It was already a special trip for me because the conditions were perfect and I sailed in the biggest wave I ever had before the competition (8 meters) then I managed to go to my first World Cup Final… It has a special place in my heart.

What are your goals and dreams for your windsurfing future?
Having a world title would be awesome but just following the world circuit is not my ultimate goal. I want to discover new spots, create content about it and one of my biggest goals is sailing big waves.

You’re clearly a committed wave sailor, but have you been trying any of the other disciplines as well? Will we see you on the YEAH or the GS-R?
I did other disciplines to improve myself. Starting with BIC 293, continuing with slalom and a bit of foil. I even tried to have a professional career in slalom and wave sailing but I quickly saw the time limits between my studies and these disciplines so I chose my favorite discipline, Wave sailing. But when I see the opportunity to be back on the other disciplines I like to take it !

Jumping or Wave Riding - pick one?
Wave riding without hesitation !

Coraline Foveau
Coraline Foveau

Foiling - yeah or never ever? ;)
Why not ! But only if the conditions are not good enough for wave sailing hehe.

Anything specific you’re working on improving in your sailing right now?
This winter I will be in wave riding spots so I will be working on the radicalness of my turns and aerials on both sides, port tack and starboard tack. I will also start preparation for big waves, taking freediving courses and having a better physical preparation for that.
Then, in spring, I will spend more time in Pozo to work on the jumping side. Landing 100% of my back loops and doing push loops are my goals.

What is your favorite spot in the world to windsurf?
I don’t have one favorite spot. I love the perfection of Cloudbreak in Fiji, how fun Hookipa can be whatever the conditions are and we also have really good spots in Guadeloupe or in Brittany. As soon as I’m having fun I am happy where I am. If there are not much people on the water, I am even happier.

Dream spot you haven’t been to yet?
Jaws !!! I want to go in big waves, ahaha.

What else keeps you going in life next to windsurfing? Do you study, work or keep yourself busy in other ways when it's not windy?
As I mentioned, I am studying by distance in management but there is just one last year left. And I am working part time in Guadeloupe for St Barth Executive, a private jet company.

You’re joining Gunsails! What are you most excited about in regards to joining us?
The idea of joining a family size team. I think it will give me more exposure to the brand, and I'm sure I'll learn a lot to help Gunsails continue on its successful path.


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Coraline Foveau