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ZOOM 2022

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Easy handling, amazing performance and super planing power. The Zoom is the best choice for your freeride session in any wind range. Thanks to the perfectly balanced sail profile and the absolutely stable draft point, it provides a smooth drive, easy handling and great control. The NoCam freeride sail embodies uncomplicated windsurfing in every respect. If you’re looking for planing exhilaration at its finest and unforgettable jibing pleasure, you’re well equipped with the Zoom.

> Modern, NoCam freeride sail for all skill levels
> Adaptive batten concept from small to large
> Simple rigging and easy handling
> X-Ply Frame for durability, 50% Square-Ply up to 5.6 sqm for more safety
> RDM recommendation up to 6.4 sqm / all sizes SDM compatible
> Ideal for intermediate, freeride and crossover boards

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This model offers nine sizes, each one specifically designed for the respective wind and water conditions: The sizes 4.7 to 5.6 sqm appear with 5 battens for more agility and a higher X-Ply proportion for more safety. The sizes 6.0 to 6.9 sqm on the other hand have the classic 6-batten freeride design and convince with their effortless handling. From 7.2 sqm on, the Cross Batten concept gives the necessary profile stability and control for the larger sail surface. In addition, the 2022 range benefits from a slightly more generous mast sleeve, which improves the rigging and the rotation and thus significantly increases the overall comfort.
The Zoom is optimally balanced for every wind range and the ideal companion for beginners and intermediates as well as for all fans of uncomplicated freeriding. Due to its early planing, the top acceleration and the numerous maneuver options you will not want to miss the performance of this NoCam sail. Zoom yourself to a new level of freeride fun.



Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
4.7 160 405 5/0 vario 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 RDM/SDM 469,-
5.2 169 422 5/0 vario 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 RDM/SDM 489,-
5.6 176 443 5/1 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM/SDM 495,-
6.0 180 447 6/2 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM/SDM 499,-
6.4 188 452 6/3 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM/SDM 515,-
6.9 193 455 6/3 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM/SDM 529,-
7.2 198 470 6/5 fix 24-26 Cross/Expert/Select 460 SDM 539,-
7.7 208 484 6/5 fix 24-26 Cross/Expert/Select 460 SDM 549,-
8.2 215 497 6/5 fix 28-30 Cross/Expert/Select 490 SDM 569,-

Windsurf Freeride


A GUNSAILS windsurf sail is a combination of selected and high-quality materials, combined with years of experience and construction knowhow. Sail designer Renato Morlotti is responsible for the performance and quality of the sails. In his working environment he has optimised everything down to the smallest detail. Every piece of material in the sail is continuously improved in terms of durability and weight savings. Only a closer look reveals the quality, good manufacturing and durability of a GUNSAILS sail.

To ensure the functionality, easy handling and durability of our products, we have developed various features over the years and established them as our standard. The dedication and precision of our sail designer Renato Morlotti are once again evident in the individual details. An important factor that makes our quality possible and distinguishes us from other sail brands.

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Testbericht Windsurf Freeride Segel Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK, Windnews

OVERVIEW The Zoom is new to the Gunsails ranks for 2021, taking over from the longstanding Stream. Spanning over nine sizes, from 4.7m to 8.2m, the sail’s batten count, x-ply content and layout evolves through the sizes, from a five-batten high-wind freeride contender, to a six-batten engine in the mid-sizes, before adopting a cross-batten configuration in the three largest sizes, intended to enhance stability. The goal of the Zoom is to provide “simple rigging and easy handling”, ideal for the intermediate, with enough speed and performance to satisfy the experienced rider too. Rigged here on a Select 100% SDM, the F.R.E.D. marker in the upper panel provides a good visual guide for downhaul tension, making the leech fall away progressively along its length. There’s a good degree of shape locked forward in the Zoom’s profile at rest, the three bottom battens remaining in touch with the mast, with rotation in the longest cross batten. Build quality is well thought out and functional, with x-ply used in the foot and inner luff panels, and square ply in the head and upper leech panel. The rest of the sail’s panels are monofilm, complimented with the usual attention to detail, such as full-length beading along the foot batten and abrasion pads in all vulnerable areas. The batten pockets alternate as they progress up the sail, to maintain symmetry between tacks, and the Zoom boasts a total of five tubed battens (the bottom rod-batten being the exception), in order to reduce weight and increase stability.

BRAND CLAIM “Our brand-new cam-less freeride sail stands for pure planing thrill and gybing pleasure. With the Zoom you start planing early, accelerate effortlessly to breath-taking top speed and sail every manoeuvre with ease.”

PERFORMANCE On the water the Zoom had a very easy, sympathetic nature that was easy for all to get on with. The secret to its character is that its centre of effort is placed forward and relatively low in the draft, meaning the power comes on smoothly, without pulling too much from the backhand or raising the rider to their toes. Ideal for the novice or those with a passive sailing style, the Zoom accelerates progressively, transferring its energy efficiently to the board and requiring little input from the rider. Nevertheless, there is still some play and movement in the luff sleeve, providing some room for response to pumping if desired. Once planing the Zoom settles into a comfortable stance, feeling light through the hands and allowing the rider to adopt the sailing style of their choice – upright and cruising, or locked in and committed to exploring the sail’s true performance. It has an excellent natural range on one setting, coping admirably with gusts by actively pinning the board down, ironing out any trimming issues. The inclusion of tubed battens undoubtedly assists in this stability, as does the sail’s smooth twist pattern through its leech, without any audible hint of flutter, even in the stronger gusts. In transition, the Zoom retains its handling and manners, powering in fluidly and rotating easily, if not the most active or dynamic in the group. The Zoom is a great example of just how user-friendly a modern freeride sail can and should be, delivering the power when required, and asking for little in return, allowing the pilot to simply enjoy the ride.

THE VERDICT Super easy to rig, set, sail and enjoy, the Zoom embodies the essence of freeride. A plug and play engine with a wide natural wind range, it represents fantastic value for money.

WIND SPÉCIAL TEST 2021 | ZOOM 7.2 2021

Test Report Windsurf Sail Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK, Windnews

Awarded with "Choice of the test team"

DESIGN: The Zoom (ex-Stream) concept changes over the sizes: the small ZOOM (>5.6) are reinforced with X-Ply and have 5 battens. Above that, they have 6 battens and, starting from 7.2, a cross batten. The 6.9 shows a simple cut with high set battens. Recommended for RDM up to 6.4, SDM compatible.

ON THE WATER: As always at Gunsails, the Zoom is easy to set up and, more importantly, easy to adjust. Just follow the instructions. The sail has plenty of tension on the clew and the leech is loose to the mark. On the water, the profile takes shape under wind pressure. The profile is spread over a wide area, but the pressure point remains forward. The launch is smooth. Accelerations are decent. The Zoom offers a measured presence, the rig is not the lightest, but far away from being bulky, even though it is equipped with an SDM mast. The overall balance is very good and this is its great advantage: the new Freeride Gunsails can be sailed without technique, without effort. You can be daring with the harness lines, but the Gunsails doesn't take offense. The 6.9 is easy to navigate and allows you to stay on course whether the wind is too strong or the sea too rough. The kilometers pass without fatigue and hectic. The Zoom compensates for irregular winds, passes through wind holes without shaking, and handles gusts without the rider noticing any change. This detail allows the rider to sails with calmness, without having to adjust or correct his steering. The Zoom is far from being a sporty sail, but with the help of a pleasant ride, the performance is fine. The Gunsails Freeride Discovery fits perfectly in its role as an accessible and accommodating sail.

VERDICT: This sail is the ideal engine for the casual windsurfer or the newcomer who wants to surf without worries. The Zoom's easy handling will allow you to make great progress.


Testbericht Windsurf Freeride Segel Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK, Windnews

The Zoom is the new no-cam freeride sail from GunSails, which has sent the Stream into retirement for the 2021 season. It retains its typical straightforwardness and gains a few sizes that expand its range of use. We wanted to try two sizes of this sail: the 5.6 (in a future issue) and this 7.2, as they are almost two "different" sails. The 4.7, 5.2 and 5.6 sizes have the five batten design, while the medium sizes 6.0, 6.4 and 6.9 rely on the proven six batten design and the three larger sizes 7.2, 7.7 and 8.2 use a cross batten design for better control. The smaller sizes also differ slightly in construction, being reinforced by the use of X-Ply to give the best in strong winds, while the larger sizes are obviously aimed at greater lightness. Up to 6.4 on, the use of the rdm mast is recommended, although the whole line is perfectly compatible with SDM masts of all sizes... the 7.2 is paired with the Reptile Fibra 80 sdm 460/25, which suits this sail well, is easy to use but also easy to rig. Getting the trim right is indeed intuitive and you end up with a no-cam Freeride 7.2 that is very light given the design with only six battens. A shape that is easy to drive in stronger winds on the water.... The more and more "refined" materials used give lightness to the arms and the planing in the lower wind range, although not explosive, is sufficient for a sail without camber. The slim sail head and the deeper profile in the lower area make it accelerate in no time, especially if you have a more active and upright surfing style. The top speed is not that of a slalom sail, but it planes freely and without effort. The Zoom is well balanced and can handle strong and gusty winds with ease: handling and control remain suitable and when jibing it is much easier to handle than camber sails. A real freeride sail, smooth, easy to handle, fun to steer, doesn't strain the arms, quite fast, stable and in the end affordable.

+: Easy trim and handling, stability and control in strong winds, accessibility/performance ratio, light weight, price.
-: Early Planing in light wind

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