A documentary movie by Maarten Molenaar

Maarten Molenaar is not just a Gunsails teamrider, he´s a professional filmmaker, Freestyle Pro Tour Manager but above all a freestyler. Pasko – The Magic Move film is not only about landing a new move, which can be a difficult journey itself. The name Pasko comes after a very famous windsurfer and filmmaker André Paskowski. He died 10 years ago from testicular cancer. This film is about overcoming something much bigger and sending a message. Maarten is a testicular cancer survivor. He chose this way to raise awareness about this disease. In the film, he shows the physical and mental toll this can take on a person. Maarten never gives up and is absolutely determined to land new moves and improve. Did he land the Pasko in the end?

Maarten about the Pasko – The Magic Move film:
“Making this film is a way for me to work through and hopefully close a very hard chapter of my life. The disease has changed me a lot, both for the good and the bad. Translating that into a film can hopefully raise awareness about testicular cancer and mental health in the windsurfing community and beyond. I also find it important to commemorate Andre Paskowski, a legend of the sport whose work and dedication are the reason many of us kept getting on the water. Windsurfing needs inspiring and impactful stories like that to reach people outside of the sport. I hope I can contribute towards growing windsurfing with this film.”